About Us

About Etno Stil

"Etno-Stil" is a small family company with a very long tradition with a head office in Krusevac, Serbia. For many years we have been working very well and reliably at Sezemce bb.
We are producers of oak barrels and handmade genuine products,built with skill and delicacy by the hands of skilled craftsmen, and we are very recognizable.
We produce high quality oak barrels in different styles which are suitable for storing all kinds of wines and spirits in order to keep their original taste . We use only first class oak wood. Such barrels are made from European oak trees called "sessile oak" (Quercus Petraea and Quercus Pedenculata).
Our small barrels are from 0.5 to 10 liters, and we also produce large barrels from 15 to 225 liters.
We also produce other handmade authentic products such as "bag in box", vat barrel, small mini barrels of 0.5 l which many use for Saint Bernard dogs, barrel heads, wooden bottles with glass in them of 0.75 ml, mini barrique and other .
We distribute our products throughout Serbia, Europe and the Russian Federation. If you are interested in a unique combination of quality and affordable prices, please contact us with confidence. Taking into consideration your desires and needs, we fulfill your requirements with our professional work. We are here to propose you our solutions if you need advice.
Our barrels are equally good for professional and home wine, spirits and liquor makers .Whether natural, toasted or charred, a small barrels or keg does make a great decorative artistic piece of functional furniture that enhances the look and attractiveness of any rustic house or cellar, kitchen,tasting room, bar or restaurant.Different styles, sizes and colours can be produced for the different customers.
Our rich experience will help you to solve all the doubts and to choose the right choice from our rich offer. We are here to fulfill all your wishes and we guarantee quality.
Toast levels-Light, Medium, Hight
Customer logos can be high quality printed or engraved on the barrels upon customer request.